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Jim Gola

Jim Gola - Artist

Woodland, WA


Born in Philadelphia in the late thirties, Jim Gola grew up heavily influenced by art and the cultural atmosphere contained in this bustling city. The city of brotherly love￿ is still a thriving east coast art market that comprises some of the oldest art schools and galleries in America.
Jim admits to spending numerous hours at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a youngster. Admiring much of the work of America's past masters such as Inness, Moran, Chase, Homer and Bierstadt, among others. He then started to generate his lifelong love of oil painting.

Moving to Oregon in the early sixties, while free lancing in art, Jim was introduced to the field of architecture. Upon receiving commissions to render black and white and colored drawings (artist￿s renditions) of various architectural projects in the Portland, Oregon area, he soon found himself not only rendering such projects, but assisting in the design of them as well.

For the past forty years, building design has been the primary mode of securing a living for Gola in the Pacific Northwest. Most professional designers are involved in other forms of artistic and graphic based pursuits. Jim is no exception. Along with a daily emphasis on architecture, Gola continued his interest in most other forms of graphic art, but sadly, due to the time constraints of his job, this was in mind only.

At age 15, Jim was more than an avid admirer of the late great American landscape artist George Inness whose originals could be seen in many public and private Philadelphia galleries and locations. If there is an artist Jim would like to emulate, it is George Inness with his lavishly illuminated landscapes containing strong and brilliant color. Hopefully, looking at Jim￿s latest works, one can sense just a bit of his long since departed master, George Inness.


La Center WA Circa 1915 by Jim Gola


Lucia Falls in July by Jim Gola


Woodland Waterway by Jim Gola


Hillside Run-Off by Jim Gola


Desert Wash by Jim Gola


Cannon Beach Evening by Jim Gola


After The Storm September by Jim Gola


An Overcast Day #2 by Jim Gola


Refuge - Early Morning by Jim Gola


A Quiet Place by Jim Gola


Lakeside Sunset by Jim Gola


Breaking Clouds by Jim Gola


Cannon Beach by Jim Gola


Lagoon at Sunset by Jim Gola


Orchard Sundown by Jim Gola


Celestial #6 by Jim Gola


Celestial #7 by Jim Gola


Beacon Rock Columbia Gorge by Jim Gola


Central Oregon by Jim Gola


Park Refuge by Jim Gola


October by Jim Gola


Red Dawn Ridgefield Refuge by Jim Gola


Night Fishing by Jim Gola


Lucia Falls - Summer by Jim Gola


Celestial Place #9 by Jim Gola


Celestial Place #8 by Jim Gola


Celestial Place #6 by Jim Gola


Celestial Place #3 by Jim Gola


Celestial Place #2 by Jim Gola


Celestial Place by Jim Gola


Yellow Moon by Jim Gola


Woodland Bottoms in April by Jim Gola


Walking with my Farley by Jim Gola


The Refuge in July by Jim Gola


The Path Less Trod by Jim Gola


The Olympics by Jim Gola


Storm Brewing over the Refuge by Jim Gola


Lewis River Lagoon by Jim Gola


Storm Brewing in Donegal by Jim Gola


Woodland Bottoms by Jim Gola


Near Woodland by Jim Gola


Time and Old Friends by Jim Gola


The Tetons 05 by Jim Gola


Ridgefield Farm by Jim Gola


Cup Pipe and Glasses by Jim Gola


Old News by Jim Gola


Daily Bread #3 by Jim Gola


The Silver Cup by Jim Gola